Your Life, Your Story

Video Biographies

The BENEFITS video biographies provide:

  • A gift of love that will continue.
  • Preserves family history accurately.
  • Fulfills the desire to be remembered.
  • Your life will impact people you may never meet.
  • Affordable so every family member can have a copy.
  • An investment that will increase in value from generation to generation.
  • Keeps loved one’s “alive” by preserving personality, voice and expressions.

All Biographies Include

Professional Recording



Authors often say that the most important part of recording a story is just getting started. Isn’t it time for you to take that first step that will ensure a lasting legacy for generations to come?

Video Biography start at $4,500

Additionally, all Biographies include a professional interviewer. 

Prices are based on (length and complexity of your project). Contact us for custom price quote.

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