Bob West Video

Funeral & Memorials

Honoring a life well lived

We especially enjoy honoring a person’s life through funeral videos.
This has been a wonderful way to remember a loved one. Testimonials
at a funeral/memorial services can be a tremendous help in dealing 
with loss of a family member or friend.  

We are committed to quality

Since 2000 we have been producing high quality videos for families

that become more valuable with the passing of time. Today we use
the highest quality digital equipment to make sure that these 
memories will be preserved for generations to come.

Photo Montage Video Tributes and Funeral Recording Pricing

First 30 photos

Includes Internet hosting

Additional photos

per photo

E-mail photos

per image

Video recording Service
for the fist hour. Additional time is pro-rated; Includes internet hosting and 45 minutes setup prior to start.
Projection Service

for the first hour, Additional time pro-rated

Mp4 files on USB 3.0 Flash Drive
Royalty Free Music for Social Media Posting

Bakersfield National Cemetery

Established July 2009 with the first service honoring Maj. Jason George.
Since then I have been honored to record over 100 Military services at the Bakersfield National Cemetery.


Please note Special Pricing for Veterans buried
Bakersfield National Cemetery.

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